Kids & Family

Enjoy family time while learning how to build fun woodworking projects such as longboards, clothes holders, smart phone speakers and more. Five of our kids and family classes are designed for students 12+ years old and their family members. Children ages 5-7, can enjoy working with a parent and older children are welcome to sign up for classes. Classes are by appointment only.

The studio is fun, relaxed and friendly. Our goal is that our students enjoy their time while learning, as well as getting as much experience with the machines and materials as possible. We always work with you to meet your scheduling needs. Gift certificates are also available.

For everyone’s safety while in the studio, we ask that you don’t wear open-toed shoes or heels, no loose clothing or jewelry and tie all long hair back. Safety goggles are provided and must be worn at all times, including over prescription glasses. “Woodworkers” (ages 5-7) must be with a parent or guardian present in the studio to help monitor their child and keep them on task. Shop safety rules and waiver must be signed at the first class.

For class details and pricing, please click on each photo below.

Build Smart Phone Speakers

Learn to make a wooden speaker for your smart phone. Wood gives you a smooth and warm tone to the music. Just think how cool you’ll look next to your friends with your own custom made, self-built smart phone speakers! No batteries required.

HOURS: 1.5
PRICE: $105, materials included


Build Your Own Longboard

Learn to make and roll away on your own custom built, unique, solid wood longboard! We’ll guide you through gluing up your top deck, cutting your design out, and finishing and mounting the cool, awesome hardware provided by Speedlab Wheels, Ace Trucks and Anchor Hardware.

HOURS: 3.5 – 4
PRICE: $325, materials & hardware included


Character Clothes Holders

Learn how to build your own custom character that you can hang clothing on! This class is based off our own family’s idea for helping kids learn responsibility while having fun hanging up their own clothes. We use moveable arms and a brass hook nose so there are many places to hang the clothes, and even towels.

HOURS: 4-5
PRICE: $275, materials included


Bentwood Kids

This program is designed for kids (ages 10-14) to teach them woodshop safety, the use of tools and allow them to build a project in a safe Studio environment.

HOURS: 4 classes at 1.25 hours each
PRICE: $225, materials included


Bentwood Family

This program is designed to bring parent and child (ages 7-12) closer together and forge a stronger relationship by learning to work together creating a project. The duo will learn to rely on and trust each other, while having fun during the process.

HOURS: 4 classes at 1.5 hours each
PRICE: $275, some materials included, depending on project