Group Workshops

Our group workshops allow you to enjoy learning woodworking and carving alongside other students, friends and family.

Classes are by appointment only. The studio is fun, relaxed and friendly. Our goal is that our students enjoy their time while learning, as well as getting as much experience with the machines as possible. We always work with you to meet your scheduling needs. Gift certificates are also available.

For everyone’s safety while in the studio, we ask that you don’t wear open-toed shoes or heels, no loose clothing or jewelry and tie all long hair back. Safety goggles are provided and must be worn at all times, including over prescription glasses.

For class details and pricing, please click on each photo below.


Learn about the different types of gouges and tools used in carving, and the sharpening and care of your tools as well. You’ll be guided through choosing the correct woods to work with and how to properly use them to create wonderful unique designs, always done in our fun and safe environment.

HOURS: TBD by project
PRICE: TBD by project


Hope Chest Build

Learn how to build a beautiful, classic Hope Chest with an aromatic cedar bottom. Our version allows it to be used as a hope chest, coffee table, bench with storage, or just about anything else you’d like. The cherry top and frame work lends a beautiful color to contrast with the ash panels, and the aromatic cedar bottom will keep your valuables free of bugs!

HOURS: 2 days — 16-18 hours
PRICE: $875, materials included


Adirondack Chair Build

Learn how to build our unique, hybrid Adirondack Chair. This chair allows you to sit at a more comfortable height but with the same feel of a traditional Adirondack Chair. Because we use Cypress wood, the chair is practically maintenance free, just oil it once a year and the chair will remain in its beautiful original condition.

HOURS: 2 days — 16-18 hours
PRICE: $875, includes materials & hardware


Staked Chair Build

Learn to make a staked chair with a mix of hand and power tools!  Yes you can build a simple and elegant chair using simple hand tools and mix of small power tools!

HOURS: 2 days — 10-12hrs

PRICE: $675, includes materials


Introduction to Woodworking

This is a one day group class, maximum of 4 students, that will get a great introduction to the studio.  We will take students through use of some of the most important machines in the shop, bandsaw, table-saw, jointer and thickness planer.  We will create a few simple projects starting with prepping wood to use on the machines to ensure square, crisp edges.  Call or email to check for space availability, space will be limited to 4 students.

HOURS: Will operate the 1st Saturday of each month, 9am-3pm, Pizza will be provided for Lunch

PRICE: $250, materials included.


Limited Time Offer

Receive a free t-shirt after completing your first piece of furniture in our custom build class!*