Custom Programs

Our custom programs allow the individual to bring their own special project to the class that will be custom designed and crafted to their particular project and needs. Learn to build your own unique piece, while safely learning to use the woodworking machinery and tools in the studio.

Classes are by appointment only. The studio is fun, relaxed and friendly. Our goal is that our students enjoy their time while learning, as well as getting as much experience with the machines as possible. We always work with you to meet your scheduling needs. Gift certificates are also available.

For everyone’s safety while in the studio, we ask that you don’t wear open-toed shoes or heels, no loose clothing or jewelry and tie all long hair back. Safety goggles are provided and must be worn at all times, including over prescription glasses.

For class details and pricing, please click on each photo below.

Custom Build Your Own Furniture

Learn to build your own furniture, from design (even if you don’t have one) to finished product. You’ll use an array of power and hand tools to create your own one-of-a-kind piece. We can do anywhere from a 3 hour session to full days during the course of the project. Discuss your furniture idea with us and we’ll give you a better estimate of time needed to create the project. Materials are not included, but we can assist you in picking out, and up, what you need for a small fee.

HOURS: Min. of 3 hours
PRICE: $200, materials not included