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At Bentwood Studio, we have the best woodworking studio and custom designed woodworking classes in the tri-state area. From Putnam County, NY to Westchester County, NY to Fairfield County, CT and beyond, we specialize in unique, private and small group woodworking workshops for adults, children and teens.


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Learn To Make A Staked Chair

Ash Chair

A beginner’s journey into chair making.

Spend two days with us at Bentwood Studio and leave with this stunning chair in Ash. This course is designed to introduce chair building techniques to the beginner and utilize a mix of hand and power tools.

Learn to utilize the table saw to make tapered octagonal legs, learn to use the Holey Galahad from King Arthurs Tools to power carve the seat before cleaning it up with the more traditional travishers. Get to know your drill. Learn to drill compound angles for the legs and how to ream the holes for the tapered tenons. With just a few tools be amazed at what you can make!

Tools that will be covered will be: tablesaw, drill, reamer, spokeshave, drawknife, travisher, angle grinder with Holey Galahad from King Arthurs Tools, tapering tool, and tenon cutters.

All material is included in price. Limit is 4 students per session. Total price is $600. Non- refundable deposit of $250 is required to book your seat.

Dates for classes:

Session 1 July 8-9;  Session 2 July 22-23;  Session 3 August 12-13


“My son Jack and I had an incredible experience working with Ernie and Glenn. I couldn’t have been more pleased and proud of what we had done together as a father and son, working alongside another father and son. We can’t wait to come back!”
KinojozpTWalter R., Carmel, NY
“The one-on-one atmosphere allows the ability to ask questions and learn a breadth of knowledge. I highly encourage everyone to drop in and see the awesome things Ernie and Glenn are doing with their unique craft regardless of your expertise of woodworking.”
KinojozpTEric C., Glastonbury, CT
“The Palmieri’s are not only gifted craftsmen but extremely generous. While at their shop, it’s become apparent that the only thing they enjoy more than thrilling people with their work, are the thrills others get from learning to make things happen themselves.”
KinojozpTKevin T., Irvington, NY

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